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Cityscapes: Islands of the Self.Language Studies volumi 2

autori: AA.VV. categoria: collana: University Press-Linguistica editore: CUEC anno edizione: 2007 ISBN: 9788884673947


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The two volumes collect the papers presented at the 22nd AIA Conference held in Cagliari, 15th – 17th September, 2005. The theme of cityscapes is dealt with from a variety of analytical standpoints, from traditional literary theory to modern critical literary, cultural and linguistic stances, embracing a wide range of topics involving identity and human beings’ relationship to themselves, to others and to the environment, both from a synchronic and from a diachronic standpoint, geographical references being made to a variety of places across the globe. Special importance is given to the nature of the urban environment and how this affects the social, psychological and emotional lives of human beings. Ideology, the imaginary, the ideal and distopia, alterity, difference, and social groups, professional and other specialised discourses, tourism, entertainment, the media and means of communicating about the environment are among the other topics covered in the two volumes.

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